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Mar 2024


Reem Kaddoura - GRENKE UAE Internal sales vision

Reem, sometimes there are people who wait years to get their chance to work in desired work place. Let’s us know about your initial story. 14.10.2020 – 12:30 PM, it starts with this date , everyone...


Feb 2024


From internship to established team member: Sara experience

Sara, your journey with GRENKE UAE began in 2018. Could you please provide us with a brief overview of your onboarding experience? For several years, I specialized in a completely different field. ...


Jan 2024


GRENKE Chronicles with Mazin Suliman: Cultivating Success in Abu Dhabi

Mazin, You have joined us almost 1.5 years ago. What was your impression of the first months of employment at GRENKE? Identifying company culture is often difficult, and even employees may struggle...


Dec 2023


Resilience in Motion: Irina's GRENKE Expedition

Irina, your GRENKE journey started in February 2020. How do you remember this time? Oh yes, February 2020… An exciting and a bit anxious period. At that moment, I finished a chapter called ‘’Real E...


Nov 2023


Bridging the past, present, and future with Burhan Trumboo

Burhan, your roots are deeply buried into the GRENKE ground. You will soon hit 10 years with us. Can you tell us more about how you became our team member? It was mid-2013; a very good friend of mi...


Oct 2023


Martin's Journey at GRENKE UAE: Evolution of Sales, AI, and Leasing Trends

Martin, you came close to becoming a channel manager when we first met you. However, a series of events led you to your current position. Can you tell us more about your onboarding experience with ...


Aug 2023


An insightful conversation with Caroline Kurz : Navigating challenges and embracing growth at GRENKE UAE

Caroline, it has been nearly four years since you assumed the role of Head of Administration and Finance at GRENKE UAE. Could you share your thoughts on the challenges you have encountered during t...


Jul 2023


Manulal Kottukkal - sees opportunity everywhere and never miss his badminton training

Our company hashtag #letsgrowtogether, could describe Your career in GRENKE UAE. Tell us a little bit more, about how You have started and where You are now. Apart from the fact that I knew GRENKE ...


May 2023


Loraine Quiambao - Challenge seeker in GRENKE environment

Loraine, You are with us for more than 1.5 years. How will you describe working here in a couple of words? Everything happens at the time it needs to happen.” I was never sure of what exactly I wan...


Apr 2023


Yamini Jinsiwale - People person with GRENKE mindset

Yamini, You are based in our branch of Northern Emirates as a Direct Sales Manager. What was Your first impression when You joined GRENKE? Just within a short span, I figured the work culture was v...
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