Our company hashtag #letsgrowtogether, could describe Your career in GRENKE UAE. Tell us a little bit more, about how You have started and where You are now.


Apart from the fact that I knew GRENKE as a company, the workflow was quite new for me when I joined as a Channel account manager in Jan 2020. During the first quarter itself, Covid-19 disrupted our habitual routines and led us to think what matters and what's worth doing. Subsequently, I got the chance to understand what #letsgrowtogether means in GRENKE. Later in Jan 2022 when I was offered to take up the position of Branch Leader in The Northern Emirates branch, that was again a realization that how well the company is in line with #letsgrowtogether. Aside from the inside organization growth, it's always delightful to see how your channel partners and customers have developed via association with GRENKE.


It seems you took the chance and used it. Now, since you mention channel partners, what do you find most challenging in this business?


Yes, It was a great opportunity for me and I am still trying to justify the chance I got. There are a variety of challenges when it comes to channel partner development such as the degree of control over the channel partner, competencies of partners, forecasting challenges, etc. I am finding a way around this by building a strong relationship with the partners and by educating them about the solutions which GRENKE can offer that can benefit both partners and their clients.


Relationships are everything in our business, that's for sure. Now in terms of Your branch, do you and Your team find any specific aspect of sales only characteristic for Northern Emirates that you don't see anywhere else?


Over the past 10 years of my life in UAE, I have seen a lot of changes in this territory, in which for the last 3.5 years I was closely watching this as my life in GRENKE was more oriented around this area. Freezone authorities of Northern Emirates, are very aggressive in the market, to provide the best possible solutions for entrepreneurs and as far as the manufacturing industry is concerned, Northern Emirates are a great spot in terms of cost and logistics. UAE government is spending tens of billions of dirhams on connecting the cities, and building facilities for residents across the county in which a significant percentage is contributed to Northern Emirates. We cannot put aside the fact that still a lot of people have conventional cash transactions and lease to own perception in the market. The best thing about our team here is that we understand circumstances and it's always a question of what more we can do for the clients and stakeholders.


In terms of doing more and growth, where do You see GRENKE Northern Emirates Branch 10 years now from now?


Our long-term plan is to adapt to changes in the technology and be ready with tailor-made solutions for the partners and clients which eventually will lead us to serve as the top SME leasing service provider in the region. In order to reach there we would like to start with expanding our reach starting from the eastern coast of UAE. A dedicated employee stationed out of Fujairah who can work from home will serve the purpose. Also, we will need additional internal sales team members for meeting the demands of the branch.
Overall, we will create a new asset-procuring behavior among entrepreneurs across the Northern Emirates.


This looks like a good plan. Hopefully, it will come true. Now last but not least, what do You do in Your spare time?


With 2 young ones at home, I enjoy spending time with the family during my free time. Apart from that, I play badminton regularly for the past many years and I hardly miss those 3 days a week.