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Entrepreneurship goes back a long way with us. GRENKE was established in Baden-Baden, Germany, in 1978. Our first branch in UAE opened in 2013.

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Solutions for companies

Is your market becoming increasingly dynamic? We offer financing solutions that let you respond quickly while also shaping your market.

Solutions for self-employed people

Being self-employed doesn’t automatically mean having to do everything yourself. That applies especially when it comes to investing or securing liquidity. You can find the right solutions for self-employed people here.

Our industry expertise

For those who need a little freedom

You’re fast and flexible when it comes to handling requests from customers. We think the same should be true of financing.

For those who want to trade

Before you can sell, you have to buy. We’ll help you to get the liquidity you need.

For those who get things done

What do you need for your job? Free hands. Simply let us deal with your financial matters and that’s what you’ll have.

For those who put people first

Do you give your all for others? We take care of all the rest so that you can focus on what matters.

For those who need an edge

If you’re going to think big, you need the opportunity to make big investments, too. No problem – we have solutions that will match your ambitions.

What type of leasing suits you?

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Take three steps to your fitting leasing solution

There are different types of leasing based on your investment needs. Take our test and find out in no time which one is right for you.

Do you make investments several times a year?

Do you regularly invest in different types of assets for your business?

Do you spend a lot of time for signing up to leasing and purchase agreements for your business equipment?

The right leasing option for you is the Master Lease Agreement

You have higher investment needs and need the flexibility that this entails. That’s exactly what you get with the GRENKE Master Lease Agreement, which allows you to lease office equipment in a way that suits your needs. We’d be happy to advise you – just get in touch.

The right leasing option for you is Classic Lease

You are looking for consistent instalments that give you certainty around your investment plans, but also would like to stay flexible. Look no further than GRENKE’s Classic Lease option – it’s just what you need. We’d be happy to advise you – just get in touch.

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We operate in 32 countries worldwide


(as at 31 December 2019)


More than 1,700 employees worldwide


(as at 31 December 2019)


About 3.6 billion euros in new business in 2019.

(Total procurement costs for newly acquired leasing assets and start-up financing in GRENKE Group including franchise partners.)


More than 40,000 retail partners worldwide are already working with GRENKE


(as at 31 December 2019)

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Entrepreneurial thinking is part of our DNA

What is it that makes an entrepreneur different? As far as we are concerned, it is primarily the courage to try out new things and make ideas a reality. After all, GRENKE started out as just an idea, too. Now, it’s a global leasing specialist.

An SME working for SMEs

We have been developing financing solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises since 1978. We know our way around. We know about the needs of entrepreneurs who want to make ideas a reality. We know about solutions that enable exactly that. Customers from all sorts of industries have been trusting us since 1978. We’d love you to join them.

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Jul 2020

Wanted: entrepreneurs with investment requirements

  • New group promise is ‘Fast. Forward. Finance.’
  • Holistic leasing solutions give dealers and customers the freedom they need to develop entrepreneurial ideas