Sara, your journey with GRENKE UAE began in 2018. Could you please provide us with a brief overview of your onboarding experience?


For several years, I specialized in a completely different field. GRENKE was seeking an administration professional, and I was eager to explore new opportunities, so I embarked on a 3-month internship with the company. Throughout this period, I received robust support from the entire team, while simultaneously being entrusted with significant responsibilities. As my internship drew to a close, our collaboration had been so fruitful that the company expressed a desire for me to stay, a sentiment I wholeheartedly shared. Hence, I have remained with GRENKE ever since.


Despite taking a break for maternity leave, you've had the opportunity to gain valuable insights and experiences with us. Can you recall any particular experiences that have significantly contributed to your growth and are now indispensable in your daily work?


One particularly memorable experience was my collaboration with Sabine Saureteig, our former CFO, who relocated from Dubai to pursue a new challenge and is now at GRENKE Arizona. Meeting the high expectations set before me was undoubtedly challenging, but I never felt alone in the process. The unwavering support of both individuals and the entire team made all the difference. Everyone was dedicated to imparting knowledge and ensuring my thorough understanding of the company. Upon my return from maternity leave, it felt as though I had seamlessly reintegrated into the company's operations.


Upon your return to GRENKE for the second time, did you feel like you were rejoining the same environment?


When the opportunity to return presented itself, I was thrilled at the prospect of rejoining the team I had previously worked with. However, it became apparent that the company had undergone significant changes during my absence. Numerous processes had been streamlined or completely revamped. Today, I feel like I am part of a GRENKE that operates even more efficiently, flexibly, and with a heightened focus on customer satisfaction.


From an administrative standpoint, where do you envision GRENKE's position five years from now?


GRENKE is continuously evolving. In alignment with our local strategy, we are increasingly prioritizing direct debit transactions. Over the next five years, we anticipate a shift towards more direct debits compared to cheques. Additionally, we are consistently evaluating the legal processes in the UAE to expedite dispute resolution. Furthermore, there is growing interest in automating administrative tasks from our headquarters, which will enhance the customer-friendliness of post-leasing contract services. I believe our company is ambitiously striving to establish itself as a global leader among small and medium-sized enterprises, and these enhancements will undoubtedly contribute to achieving that goal.


Finally, what do you enjoy doing in your free time outside of the office ?


Typically, my free time revolves around my children. Every weekend, my husband and I endeavor to keep them engaged and entertained. A simple stroll in the park with a cup of coffee in hand proves to be both relaxing and enjoyable. Now that our children are a bit older, we plan to travel whenever time permits. Living in the UAE for the past eight years has been a unique experience compared to Poland, Country offers a wealth of opportunities, and we always strive to explore something new.