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Leasing to conserve your resources. Our advisers who know exactly what you need as an entrepreneur. Typical GRENKE, in other words.

In a fiercely competitive market, you barely have time to breathe. New technologies and new working environments call for constant investment. Amidst all of this, how do you stay financially sound?

The answer: with GRENKE as your experienced partner. With leasing, we give you the freedom you need to let your ideas flourish.

GRENKE makes it easy for you.

As an entrepreneur, you don’t do anything by halves – and certainly not when it comes to leasing. GRENKE is the reliable source of leasing for entrepreneurs – quickly, easily and with unbeatable advantages.









Our services to help you get ahead

From 3D printers and laptops for field sales to cafeteria equipment, with GRENKE leasing solutions, you can improve your productivity, competitive position and working atmosphere.

Experience builds trust

GRENKE gives you the freedom you need to unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. It’s all tailor-made and on excellent terms.

Your success is what drives us

Since 1978, we have been passionate about helping companies that want to get things done. GRENKE is a versatile facilitator for small and medium-sized enterprises. 

It doesn’t matter whether you’re in industry, retail or the service sector. Our experience is there to back you up.

Selected product solutions

We can move your business forward with these great services:

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