Yamini, You are based in our branch of Northern Emirates as a Direct Sales Manager. What was Your first impression when You joined GRENKE?


Just within a short span, I figured the work culture was very different than other organizations, the team is super supportive, no micro-management, excellent policies, and SOPs, each one knows what they have to do & they do it brilliantly and the management also appreciates & values the effort put in by the employee.  When GRENKE says support Work-life balance, they truly mean it! 


GRENKE Group has this culture in the blood of every country we are in! Have this GRENKE company approach changed how you approach Your direct customers?


Yes definitely! GRENKE is a unique organization and that has helped me comprehend that each client is too. The same approach 'formula' will not apply to all. Also, with the plethora of industries we cater to, I am getting a chance to interact with diverse businesses and understand industry-specific operations. I feel content that our solutions blend in with almost every nature of business & we are there to support the SMEs and Free Zone entities.


The variety of industries in our business is a big "W", as we always can deal with many entrepreneurs without limits. How do You think which industry was for You most challenging to deal with?


Well, to be honest, the challenge is not with the industry; it’s the notion that people have about leasing in general. They often confuse our solutions with financing. But, when they understand our solutions which are;
- We lease what you want; From a coffee machine to an X-ray machine!
From whom you want; Choose your supplier from anywhere in UAE!
For how long you want; Decide your repayment term 2,3,4 years or even extend it for another year!
They recognize they now get leverage over their competition by being able to obtain a state of the art tech & latest equipment at fraction of the cost which they would have to incur upfront.
In this market, there is practically no one who lets you lease almost everything under one roof, other than GRENKE!  Taking into consideration the challenges; well, we have thousands of contracts, and I know we have overcome them and will continue to do so.


Inspiring answer Yamini. In this whole GRENKE world of settlements, target achievements, and meetings do You have time for Yourself? What do You do outside work?


I am a people person, I love to socialize with my family & close friends. When I am not engaged in that; you might spot me in a café sipping a big cuppa coffee, reading a non-fiction book & don’t be surprised if you spot me at different cafes in the same evening ;) That’s my therapy! I also enjoy food photography, exploring places, and learning something new, I am a student for life.