Vipin, You took over Abu Dhabi branch in 2020, just before the pandemy started. From a time perspective, what was more challenging for You, stepping into the new role or tackling issues related to lockdown?


Let it be any job, challenges are part of it. Your future in life and work depends on how you deal with these challenges. I was ready to accept the challenge of the branch leader position in Abu Dhabi and to evolve myself to justify the responsibility put up on me. Just like everyone, the pandemic was out of the blue, and dealing with that was the biggest challenge for me. We as a team were able to manage the situation and we closed a record number of contracts in 2020.


Speaking about channel sales, when You have joined GRENKE, Your first branch was in Dubai in the role of External Sales. It was almost 9 years ago. How do You remember your first months there? Was it different from GRENKE in 2023?


Our openness to learn new things plays a predominant role in being part of a successful GRENKE team. It was a completely new industry back in 2014 for me and I was fortunate to have colleagues who are ready to share knowledge so that we each other can improvise in what we do. Now, when I am completing my 100th month in GRENKE-UAE, I feel the same in terms of enthusiasm, agility, and confidence. As a company, we came a long way and developed ourselves as a strong group of professionals with satisfied channel partners and customers. So when we are standing here in 2023 I am proud to have contributed to the success of GRENKE in the UAE.


You came a long way and gain experience seeing how a company is changing along with its customers and suppliers. What will be your advice to GRENKE new joiners to become successful in channel management?


Over 45 years, GRENKE created many tools to support channel sales. The simplest success formula for the new employees in GRENKE is to stick to the basics and follow the workflow, and results will follow. Transparency and open communication is the main key to success. Everyone matters, and how in-depth you know the supplier will help you with smooth channel management.


This is well said and valuable advice. Changing the topic from work to private, you are in UAE now for more than 10 years. What is your favorite activity in UAE that you do in Your free time?


UAE is home to a wide range of nationalities and offers an exceptional quality of life. There is always something to explore here in UAE and I am the kind of person who would like to utilize all the opportunities to have a great after-work life.