Maksim, tell us how have you came to know about GRENKE?


Before I joined, I was working for Porsche leasing in Montenegro. I had an established position there but was looking for a change. One day I was scrolling thru my Linkedin feed and noticed a job offer. I did not hesitate a second and immediately send out my CV.


Therefore, you were invited for an interview and got picked to become a new team member. Have you been surprised?


Yes. I was happy and thrilled at the same time. I was always fascinated by life in UAE with many different cultures living peacefully with each other. Before I came to work here, I visited the country couple of times already and I felt that this is a place for me. Dubai is a challenging and fast pace city, which I like. On them the same page, I worked in the leasing industry for over 10 years so GRENKE was a perfect match for me.


It is almost a year since you are here. How do you think which skills are necessary to be successful in this market?


Definitely, persistence is the first one. Many projects in UAE take a lot of time to be finalized. Even doe we are focused on S&M sectors, still I find that people here do not make ad hoc decisions. This teaches you to be patient and be in close touch with customers. As a second one, I will say confidence. You need to know what you want and where you are going. Without a plan and strategy, You will not achieve Your goals. Finally yet important is flexibility. We work in a multicultural environment so you always need to understand the other side and be able to adjust.


Last question, Maksim what do You do after work time?


The weather in Dubai is beautiful. I enjoy going to the beach and spending time with friends. My real passion is sports, however. To have energy during the week I train in Muay Thai.